Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Bend in the Road?

This afternoon has been quite eventful. Since I'm out to work part-time to make more money, i've been religiously scouring Gumtree and Seek for vacancies. I still have my job as an appointment setter, but I H.A.T.E it!!!!! So imagine my glee when I was asked in to come for an interview, when I replied to an ad titled "Reception Wanted for Massage Parlour."

Ok, I'm not stupid. I wouldn't have gotten into Curtin if I was. Based on the English in the ad, I pretty much worked out that it was run by Asians. And if it was run by Asians... well stereotypically, it would be erm... dodgy. But because I was desperate enough to save money, I decided to go for an interview anyway.

Hah, and was i right!

It was a house, not in a commercial area... and as soon as I walked in, all i saw were rooms. Not with massage tables, but with beds. Double beds. With frilly white and pink sheets. Okkkkaaayyy... I felt comforted Kristen was waiting outside for me. I wasn't ready to run yet. I wanted to suss the place out. A Korean woman (decently dressed, funnily enough) took me into a bedroom (O_O) and there was another girl there, already training on the phones. iPhones, mind you. She asked me if I knew why I was there, and I glibly and in my most naive and innocent manner replied "To book customers in, via phone." The other girl handed me a sheet of paper with things written down.. and the first sentence was "French/sex/massage = $70-$100.

That clinched it. I couldn't keep a straight face then, so I knew there was no way I could work there! I told the woman that I couldn't work there as I am an international student and I couldn't risk getting into trouble, and actually RAN out of the house to Kristen's car, and then burst out into laughter.

My first close brush with the "red-light places"!!!

What was amazing though, is that while I was in there, Curtin called me to inform me that I have done the required amount of units and that I can graduate end of this year! SO I AM IN MY LAST SEMESTER FOR MY DEGREE!! :D *bounces off walls in excitement*

Between brothels and degrees, my arvo has been a hoot!

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